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29 Cute Sphynx Cats Share A Little About Themselves

by | Aug 7, 2018 | 9 comments

This is the very first blog post on the site.

And I wanted it to be special.

So I went around and found 29 of the cutest Sphynx cats online. Then I decided to put it in one jam-packed, special blog post for you today.

But I didn’t stop there…

I also asked each of the owners to contribute a cute story of their Sphynx cat.

You know, what makes them… Well…


Some of them shared little cute things they do. Some of them shared their cat’s personality.

And of course, others shared a cute story of their cat.

Personally, I loved every single one of them. And I hope you do too.

So, let’s get straight into it.

Shall we?

1. Phoebe (Female, age 14)

At night, Phoebe likes to carry her huge body pillow through the house and meow loudly! She still does this, even in her older years!

A little more about her, Phoebe is a 3 time show winner and traveled a lot in her younger years. But now, she is a stay-at-home cat who is super friendly.

2. Oliver (Male) & Pandora (Female)

Oliver is the noisy one, he will let us know when he’s hungry, when his litter is too dirty or even just to remind us he is here at 3am.


Pandora is so loving, her favorite thing to do is to steal receipts from your wallet and bring them to us to throw for her! She loves to chase paper… once she took a £20 note and screwed it into a ball to play with.


3. Olive (Female)

Olive was the runt of the litter with the most spunk! She would be the first to climb your legs like a tree, to sit on your shoulder to purr like a lawnmower! Tiny but mighty! That’s little Olive!

4. Ozzie (Female, Elf Sphynx)

Ozzie is one of three female Sphynx in our home and she is the most unique of the 3 by far! She is a real daddies girl, and spends as much time with him as possible. She greets him at the door everyday, and waits outside the bathroom for him while he showers. She will cry and chat to him from outside the door. We think she’s telling him all about her day! When he walks into a room, her eyes light up. Their bond was so unexpected but one of the most special I have ever seen. She loves him more than words could ever describe!

5. Louie (Male) and Fendi (Female)

Louie and Fendi are inseparable! They have multiple cat caves and you can always find them squeezed into one! They explore together and look after each other! Their favorite time of the day is when their humans get home and yell the word “want a treat”! They both jump in your shoulder like parrots and purr in your ear for cuddles!

6. Millie (Female)

Millie is my quality control supervisor at my home-based spa. She basically sits on a perch and watches when I do services for my clients to be sure that I’m doing the best job ever. That’s why I call her my quality control supervisor.

And when I am doing makeup trials on clients, she likes to jump up on my shoulder, sit, and watch while I do their make up. This can make things extremely difficult as you can imagine, but she likes to really get right in there!!!!

When I visit with friends over a glass of wine, for example, she likes to be swaddled and be held in a blanket like an actual baby. I’m not even joking. She can be really involved. It’s insane and super cute!!!!

If I have any hand-washing to do, she has to sit on the drying mat while I put the dishes on it. She’s almost a little too involved at times.

And of course, as soon as the dryer alarm sounds, she’s right in there before I can take any of the clean clothes out to lay them out.

Needless to say, I let her sit on everything. So of course, when the time comes and I’m able to remove the clothing, they’re all wrinkled.

7. Tato (Male)

The first night I brought Tato home, he immediately tried to nurse on my dog, Winnie.  He truly believed Winnie was his mom from then on and will make any attempt to cuddle with her. Tato loves to be warm so he will crawl under her legs and nuzzle his head into her stomach to stay warm. They are best friends.

8. Penelope (Female)

Penelope is such a mama’s girl! She is full of sass, but she loves to cuddle! She is very spoiled and definitely has “only child syndrome!

Xherdan have wonderful wrinkled pink skin, as fine as a peach, and the most beautiful turquoise eyes, as blue like the ocean. He loves to eat food, specially he loves avocados! The best thing on it is, it makes all people laugh, no matter in what moments, and that is the most beautiful thing there is, he is just unique.

I am a verry proud cat-mummy, and i love him so much…!

10. Crafty Cats Boróka (Female)

Adorable little clowns, all fun and lacquering life with them. You can never be bored next to them. Real little individuals.

11. Olivia (Female)

Olivia likes to steal straws out of my cups and plays with them. She also loves drinking out of the bathtub; she’s figured out how to turn the knob so the water drips. And every time she gets done eating, she has food on her nose.

12. Omega (Female)

I was a little bit sick when my mom adopted me, but now I’m in shape and I have a lot of energy (you can ask my big brother, I’m running after him all day long). My mommy named me “table vacuum because I’m always trying to eat what I find on the table (she really doesn’t appreciate this, I’m supposed to eat this special food that I’m not sure I like or not). She also says that I’m the little thief, I love to steal and hide her make-up. Otherwise, I’m just a normal cat without fur.

13. Pocket (Female)

We have a metal spiral staircase in our apartment going upstairs. Every time we walk in the door, she runs downs meowing so happily that her daddies are home. Greets us for a moment, wants to be picked up for a cuddle and kisses on her belly (licking us on the face and hands) show us the birds she’s been watching, and leads us to the kitchen drawer where her salmon treats are kept. Adversely, when we leave the apartment, she will flop down, curl into a little circle and make flirty face with us to get us to stay.

14. Banjo (Male; Dwelf, a Elf x Bambino mix)

Banjo is one of the only two litters born here in Australia. He is VERY affectionate and loves to cuddle up under the blanket every night with his best pal Pablo, the Pomeranian dog breed.

Banjo also has a cheeky side! He loves climbing the bathroom cupboard with his little legs, stealing the cotton tips and taking them back to his bed to play with.

15. Yoda (Male)

Yoda was a surprise for his dad as he’s wanted a Sphynx his entire life. We surprised him with a riddle that led to clues all over the house, which eventually led to Yoda in our bedroom. His dad cried. He loves it so much when we get home from work he comes running down the stairs to greet us and jumps on his shoulder for kisses. When it’s breakfast or dinner time, he runs right to his one fast cat wheel and runs a marathon because he’s so excited for his meal. He loves to nap under the cover in moms lap. His favorite thing is to be outside exploring in the garden. When mom and dad aren’t looking, he digs a hole and goes pee pee too. (Shh) He loves to play fetch and goalie with his scrunchie balls on his castle cat tower.

16. ValKiriya Linda (Female)

The Canadian Sphynx breed is difficult for me to call just cats – it’s monkeys, dogs, and aliens. This girl has a gentle character, likes to sit on her hands and is always there as a true friend, always purrs and speaks to me. “I ask her she answers” “mur” “I love her very much.” 4.5 years ago I met this breed and was pleasantly surprised by the communication, now I will not change the Canadian Sphynx to other cats!

You can connect with me on Facebook here.

17. General Tao (Male)

I’m a 10 month-old, neutered male Canadian Sphynx adventure cat. I love camping, hiking, rides in the truck, going for bike rides and big snuggles with my parents! I’m fully toilet trained on human toilets- just show me to the bathroom. Everyday is a new adventure; soon, I hope to join my mom and dad on a canoe ride with my new life jacket. Follow me on Instagram @tao_thesphynxcat for updates on my day to day life and new adventures! My parents and I look forward to your support.

18. Umami (Female)

She’s only 4 months so she still has a suckling behavior when she is in a tired or affectionate mood, and because she is a naked cat and her mum had no fur, our skin is the perfect thing for her to suckle! So she often tries to suckle our arms or belly which is extremely cute and tickles!

Another cute, but a little scary thing she did on her first night with us, she was very inquisitive and brave and was exploring her new surroundings but unfortunately, we forgot to shut the lid on the toilet. So around 4 am, I hear this huge crash and little cries and I went running to find a very wet and scared kitten in the toilet bowl! After that she spent the night curled up in bed with us, purring away, and didn’t leave the room! The toilet lid is always shut now too!

A little fun fact: The breeder names her litters after a letter of the alphabet, and Umami’s happened to be U. So we went with a quirky name, and its also foo related which fits in with my husband being a chef.

19. Leeloo (Female)

Every morning, when I do my hair and makeup before work, she sits beside me and looks in the mirror together with me. She is a girl full of mischief the rest of the day playing with our other cats and dogs but that is our special time just her and me.

20. Twilight (Male)

Twilight had to get a big surgery a couple months after we got him. His teeth had been rotting for a while which we didn’t know about until we got him. It was so hard to see him in pain, and had our vet go forward with the surgery. During his recovery, he never left our side, and would put his paws over our hearts and fall asleep. It was the sweetest thing. He knew we had given him the medical attention he needed, and I truly believe this was his way of thanking us. Ever since he has recovered, he is nothing but a sweetheart. He cuddles with us every night!

21. Tofu (Male)

One day, when Tofu was around 2 months old, he discovered jumping. For the following two days he exclusively jumped to get around the house. As an adult Sphynx, he LOVES jumping and heights. He is often creeping around the tops of the refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and along door frames. If a human is handy, he’s not shy about leaping onto their shoulder to give them a head rub, then use their height to jump onto the cabinets.

22. Ophelia (Female)

Ophelia is hands down the strangest cat I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She’s an absolute nutcase but also the sweetest little thing. I got her right at the time I was moving out of my family home and into my own apartment.

I used to have this little pile of cardboard boxes set on the floor by my kitchen. One day, I heard Ophelia scream, and I mean SCREAM, from behind them. And having recently become a cat mom for the first time, I was already a little overly sensitive when it came to the safety and comfort of my kitty. Panicking I started racing to over from where the sound was coming from. Right before I could turn to look behind the boxes, Ophelia jumped out in front of me with her arms and legs sprawled out. She did all but yell out “gotcha!”! This was obviously an ambush. I fell onto the floor laughing and she jumped onto me. Mix that with night time snuggles, some daytime snuggles, and the tortuous “mom just made dinner, but I’m gonna go nuzzle my face into her neck so she can’t eat” snuggles and thats basically our relationship to this day.

23. Clementine (Female)

Clementine is SO smart. A little too smart for her own good. She understands how doorknobs function, so she will often try to open a door in order to get to the other side, but obviously lacks the ability to grip and so instead just bats at them incessantly! One day, we arrived home to our bedroom door closed and Clementine’s mewing from the other side. We realized that she had accidentally shut the door on herself, but upon trying to open it, we figured out that she had locked the deadbolt, too! After hours and hours of trying to pick the lock, saw it, and hitting it with a hammer repeatedly, we finally settled on cutting out the bottom portion of the door. It took about 5 minutes and then we were able to squeeze our way under. Clementine was found resting cozily in a pile of blankets on the bed, acting as if we had been disturbing her slumber with all the noise we were making. Long story-short, Clementine was smart enough to know how to open a door, but mistakenly locked herself in, and so we had to go through hell and back in order to get her out. She is a mischief-maker, but she is our mischief-maker and we would gladly go through hell for her again.

24. Zoe Willow (Female, Blue Sphynx)

I am a sassy little puss. I do what I want when I want. But I also have to tell you I am sweeter than sugar. Every night when it’s time for night night, I jump up to the bed and scratch at the covers. When you lift them up, I curl in to your side armpit and start to purr for the next 30 minutes. This is how I will soothe myself to sleep. I am so hot that I will light you up! I am like 1000° under those covers against your skin. But when the sun peeks through the curtains, watch out. I will tear through the house at lightning speed and do things I’m not supposed to. Like try to eat the cactus and jump up on he banister that could make me fall to my death…

25. Garibaldi (Male)

I adopted Garibaldi (Gari for short) from Battersea dogs and cats home in London. He is the sweetest and funniest cat I’ve ever known!

Typical Gari behavior includes standing on my chest & meowing in my face at 4:30am, stealing croissants off my daughter’s plate, purring extremely loudly and spooning with me every night under the duvet (he’s little spoon!).

26. Larry (Male)

Wakes me up in the morning by batting my face with his little paws.

A little more about him, Larry loves taking naps and he loves having his belly rubbed! If you look at his Instagram, you can always find him in a cozy blanket looking super adorable.

27. Blue Steel (Male)

Blue Steel loves to go on walks outside. He can’t wait to get into anything he’s not supposed to. He tears open anything that smells like food to get inside, including boxes. Then he looks at you like what?

He’s so friendly he’ll jump into your arms and purr like crazy rubbing his face against yours. He goes in the car with me like he’s a dog and he loves it. You can catch more of him on Instagram @spinxlady.

28 Furrgeson (Male), Nubin (Male), and Rupunzel (Female) Top to down

We are a meowtain of fun and live in northern California. We all have silly personalities and keep our humans on their toes. We actually act more like dogs: love to fetch, beg and follow the humans around. Come see us on Instagram @SphynxofmyHeart.

29. Count Goober Squishy Butt (Male)

Count Goober Squishy Butt is part vampire. He likes to bite! When he bites, he always draws blood! His BFF is Knubby, a stray cat we found who was missing half his tail. Count Goober and Knubby go everywhere together! They play in their cat condo, sleep, play, eat and use the potty together. They don’t care that the other one is ‘different’.

I hope you enjoyed this

Because I know I did!

A lot of work went into this article, but I think it was all worth it in the end.

Also, a special thanks to everyone who shared photos and stories of their cats. You made this article so special by sharing all these insanely cute stories. Thank you.

Now, I want to hear from you.

Comment below who your favorite Sphynx cat was.

Do you want to you see more content like this? Maybe, a part 2?

Should I do a different type a cat?

Or you could just come say hi.

Either way, comment below. I would love to hear from you! 🙂

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